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This course is designed for facilitators, learning designers and developers who are looking to develop eLearning resources which are of a high quality, relevant to the learner and incorporate good instructional design practices. The course takes participants through the process of developing eLearning resources, from development through to evaluation of the final product.


The program is a blended mode, delivered completely online through webinars and self-paced online content. The program is very hands on with participants required to design and develop an eLearning resource as part of the program.

Aligning to the unit of competency TAEDES503A – Design and develop e-learning resources the course is structured into 6 distinct levels

  1. Authoring tools, development tools and learning management systems

Knowledge and experience in the tools and systems is necessary to develop e-learning resources. This topic will look at the different tools and systems, including where they fit in the development process.

  1. Technical specifications

This topic will explore the technical specifications of developing eLearning resources, including file formats, SCORM, xAPI and HTML5.

  1. Accessibility

This topic will explore the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and other principles of accessibility in eLearning.

  1. Development tools

This topic looks at the various tools that can be used to develop animations and other learning objects for inclusion in the course.

  1. Authoring tools

This topic looks at the authoring tools that can be used to develop eLearning resources.

  1. Trialling and Evaluating the eLearning Resource

The final topic in the course, this looks at the implementation of the developed resource, and the evaluation of this eLearning resource to determine if the objectives have been achieved.

Participants in this course will gain an in-depth understanding of what makes quality eLearning resources.

The course will allow them to apply the skills and knowledge to the development of an eLearning resource specific to their business or work context.

Participants will design and develop at least one resource as part of the course.

The course is also an elective in the ILP’s Diploma of Designing and Facilitating Corporate Training.

Courses are commencing on the following dates:

  • 24 June 2019
  • 21 October 2019

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Facilitator Details

Matthew Mason

This course is facilitated by Matthew Mason of Superb Learning, a learning design business that develops flexible, innovative and customised training resources and provides training in instructional design methodologies and the use of instructional design software. Matthew Mason has nearly 20 years’ experience in training and education, developing training resources in a variety of industries. He is a Certified Learning Professional.

The Institute for Learning Professionals and Superb Learning have partnered together to create the Certified Learning Institute, to provide the best programs for learning and development professionals.

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