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Creating an impactful and engaging learning experience requires good learning experience design skills. In this program, developed for new learning designers we explore the essentials of creating an engaging learning experience.


The program is a blended mode, delivered completely online through webinars and self-paced online content.

The course is structured into the following 6 levels:

  1. Learning Theories and Instructional Design

This topic will look at a range of the common learning theories and instructional design models.

  1. Methods of instruction and learning delivery

A look at the various methods of developing learning experiences.

  1. Structuring Learning

A look at the chunking and structuring of learning content.

  1. Determining Content

This topic looks at the identification of the content areas required to develop the learning course.

  1. Structuring the Learning Resource

A look at the structuring, chunking and spacing of learning.

  1. Visual design principles

This topic looks at the media, visuals and other elements that can be used to deliver a quality learning experience.

Participants in this course will get a kick start into how to create an effective and engaging learning resource, taking into consideration a variety of factors, design elements and methods.

Courses are commencing on the following dates:

  • 8 April 2019
  • 1 July 2019

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Matthew Mason

This course is facilitated by Matthew Mason of Superb Learning, a learning design business that develops flexible, innovative and customised training resources and provides training in instructional design methodologies and the use of instructional design software. Matthew Mason has nearly 20 years’ experience in training and education, developing training resources in a variety of industries. He is a Certified Learning Professional.

The Institute for Learning Professionals and Superb Learning have partnered together to create the Certified Learning Institute, to provide the best programs for learning and development professionals.

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